The Essence of Real Designer Jewelry

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but a woman of sophistication desires something with much deeper value. With her exquisite taste, she prefers real designer jewelry that offers much more than luxury. She treasures jewelry that go beyond aesthetics and tell a story of their own.

Inimitable Craftsmanship

A true designer piece is beyond compare. It is impossible to find anywhere else in the world. Like the collections of ioola, designer pieces are intricately handcrafted using only the finest materials. Each jewelry piece carries with it a part of the lives, travels, and experiences of those who poured their soul into creating it.


Evocative Designs

More than classic pieces, real designer jewelry can evoke a myriad of emotions and elicit cherished memories, from the rich history of the royals in Europe to painted pictures of the natural wonders in the tropics. It also resonates with your own interesting personality. As you wear it, your unique style has the opportunity to shine through.

Sterling silver Double Hoop EarringsPicture: Sterling Silver Double Hoop Earrings

Timeless Style

If diamonds are forever, real designer jewelry pieces are timeless. They transcend generations and rise above trends. Their designs are well thought out and their materials sourced from exotic locations. Each piece of jewelry never runs out of style, as its quality and craftsmanship ensure it lasts several lifetimes. 

Unusual Large Teardrop Stud Earrings Sterling SilverPicture: Sterling Silver Spiral Bow Earrings

Real designer jewelry accentuates the real you. It reflects your character and enables you to express yourself freely. It allows you to continue its rich story as it becomes part of who you are. This is the essence of real designer jewelry that ioola espouses. As such, we seek to continually provide you with the rarest and most skillfully designed pieces that inspire and empower you to live your life without boundaries. Real designer jewelry gives you freedom to be your true self.

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Why fit in when you were born to stand out.

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