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How to Look Stunning in Moldavite

Create exciting new looks with genuine moldavite jewelry that mixes both traditional and modern elements. This green stone can express your distinction from other people by sharing your unity with the cosmos.  

Here are five ways to look stunning in your moldavite jewelry.

1. Wear just one moldavite statement piece.

Too many bold jewelry pieces can make you look gaudy. If you’re wearing chunky sterling silver bracelets, putting on other chunky rings will likely look tacky. Go for a more restrained piece, such as a pair of delicate lightweight sterling silver hoop earrings instead. Keep in mind that statement jewelry is meant to be an accent piece that attracts the most attention to highlight your best feature. Wear just one and keep the rest minimal.

2. Accessorize based on the occasion.

A large moldavite ring can look fabulous on a night out with the girls but it may not be the best choice for a business dinner. Your accessories matter just as much when you dress for an occasion. For your usual day at work, a pair of simple studs with a dainty moldavite necklace can be conservative yet still chic. For formal events, you can flaunt one or two precious stones set on unique handmade sterling silver jewelry. Save your avant-garde pieces for more casual parties and club nights.

3. Keep your clothing simple.

Simple can be marvelous and keeping your clothing simple can highlight pieces like Czech moldavite jewelry. If you want to emphasize statement pieces, stay away from bold patterns, cluttered designs, or glittery sequins on your outfit. Try wearing neutral colors to let your jewelry shine.  Want to show off that moonstone bangle or a few moldavite rings? Wear a solid color top to bring focus to your accessories.

4. Choose Czech jewelry that express your personality.

As an extension of who you are, jewelry should reflect your own personality and style. Don’t buy a certain bracelet just because everyone else has it. Choose one that best complements your taste. Whether it’s a moldavite bracelet or a sterling silver spiral ring, you can get handmade pieces to keep your collection more unique.

5. Purchase authentic moldavite.

Cheap imitations can ruin your look. Genuine ones may cost more but their quality is unparalleled. Besides, with moldavite value continuously increasing, it also becomes a wise investment.

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Express your raw personality with the right moldavite jewelry that shows how unique you really are.

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