Sabina has been in the creative industry for ten years. Traveling to Asia, life without rules and beyond the system has made her life perspective easier and courageous to decide to open up to the world and realise her own ideas. She started making silver jewelry for women like herself. She knows who she is, what she wants, and she feels free in thought and creativity. She works on herself every day in all directions to become a true and right person, and her style unfolds from it. She likes exclusivity, sophisticated simplicity, comfort and the finest natural materials. Every piece that surrounds her is chosen with great care because it represents her personality. It must evoke the right emotions in her and give the right signals to others.

Sabina has been fascinated by the story of the Czech moldavite. The vision of wearing dark green stone, born from the impact of a meteorite in the Czech Republic 15 million years ago, inspired her. She also wanted to show the world something that nowhere else than in the Czech Republic is to be found. She started to produce rings with moldavite, moonstones and various silver spirals copying the body.

Sabina lives between the Czech Republic and the island of Bali where it all takes place. From inspiration to production. She is also influenced by Paris, where she studied and lived in Montmartre, and northern Italy, around the Garda and Iseo lakes, where she lived for over 2 years. Sabina loves quality and sets out for the right gemstones to Czech Krumlov, Thailand and Indonesia.