jewelry designer

A world without borders. A life with boundless beauty. This is what I envision for myself and every woman out there.

I am Sabina. A woman of passion, boldness, and sophistication.

Passion for adventure

My passion to discover life beyond my comfort zone led me through countless travels throughout the globe that widened my perspective in life. Immersing in other cultures nurtured my respect for diversity and individuality while enriching my perception of what is considered beautiful.

Bold pursuits

As I discovered the world, I also mustered the courage to pursue my dreams and turn them into reality. I found the boldness to express myself and be proud of my individuality. My desire to share this same form of self-expression with other women like me spurred the launch of ioola, which became a great avenue for me to unleash my creativity.

Sophisticated simplicity

Through ioola, I sought to embody exclusivity and sophisticated simplicity. What better way to do so than through the use of the rare Czech moldavite, exquisite moonstones, and precious metals in handcrafting one-of-a-kind jewelry? So, I travel back and forth between Asia and Europe to find unique gems from Czech Krumlov, Thailand and Indonesia for my exceptional craftsmen in Bali to use to create stunning jewelry with my direction. More than fashion accessories, my bespoke creations enable women to evoke the emotions they desire and impart beauty upon others.

I am Sabina. And I am ioola.

Just as I am working on achieving my dreams, let me, through ioola, help you discover the wonderful ways you can express who you are, discover what you truly want, and help others see the real you.