Putting a Premium on Eco-Friendly Packaging

Isn’t it frustrating when we end up with bundles of plastic packaging whenever we shop? Even when we meticulously choose the products that we purchase to make sure that they are environmentally friendly, we still have to deal with plastic wastes that end up in landfills.

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Some businesses feel constrained to use the cheapest packaging materials to reduce costs and increase profit margins. However, cheapest doesn’t always mean it’s the best for you and for the environment. As we start to feel the severe impact of our lifestyle choices and unbridled consumption of goods, it’s about time that we make sustainability our top priority. One easy way to start is by supporting brands that value sustainability in every aspect of their business—including product packaging.

Take note that a huge fraction of the trash in our landfills is from packaging materials. Lest we want the next generations to live completely covered in filth, we ought to start looking for eco-friendly labels on packaging whenever we purchase products.

Look for Eco Labels

Packaging products that meet standards for sustainability will be labeled accordingly. To know whether the brands you patronize use eco-friendly packaging, look for the following marks:


fsc certification

Products labeled with FSC 100%, FSC Mix, and FSC Recycled have passed the standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council, a non-profit organiozation established to protect forests. This means that the paper, wood, and other forest products used to make the packaging come from responsibly managed forests. They are made from virgin materials, recycled products, or a mix of both.



fair trade certified


A Fairtrade mark indicates that the product and materials used were sourced and made at reasonable prices, decent working conditions, and under fair trade. When you buy something with a Fairtrade logo, you indirectly support farmers and workers in developing nations.


eco friendly packaging

ECO is an umbrella label for products that are environmentally friendly, Fairtrade, and FSC-certified. They include various organic, recycled, Fairtrade, and FSC paper products used as wrapping papers, fillers, pouches, and boxes. Choosing ECO-labelled products boosts sustainability initiatives in almost all areas.

No Compromise Between Sustainability and Luxury

There’s no need to make a compromise between sustainability and luxury. You can get the best of both worlds with some creativity. Ioola does exactly this by choosing eco-friendly packaging that does not diminish the elegance of jewelry.

Every Ioola jewelry is nestled in ECO jewelry boxes made from FSC-certified cardboard and water-based glue. They are free from chemicals that accelerate tarnishing, so your Ioola jewelry stays shiny and bright for years. A soft foam insert coated with velour and an additional soft velour cover cloth cushions your jewelry and protects it from scratches.

With their sleek and elegant designs, you won’t even know right away that the jewelry boxes are made from eco cardboards. They are a perfect match for high-end jewelry that you can give as gifts or pass on to the next generation.

Committed to Earth, Committed to You

The products we pride ourselves in are born from the earth. Naturally, we are committed to caring for it as much as we can. We stand by the principles of ethical trade and sustainable sourcing to minimize environmental damage. Our use of eco-friendly packaging is just one of the many ways we care for our planet. As advocates of slow fashion and sustainable living, we at Ioola value the planet we live in and the people we share it with. We value you and your future. Our packaging is made in Denmark.

made in denmark packaging

Put a Premium on Earth

Keep in mind that sustainable packaging tends to cost more. Using recycled materials and eco-friendly packaging does not necessarily save money. Using eco-processed materials and adhering to ethical business standards entail more expenses. So businesses willing to shell out the additional cost are putting a premium on Earth and valuing their customers’ well-being better.

For your part, supporting businesses that advocate for sustainability may also cost you more. But can you really put a budget on the Earth’s future? A few extra dollars in support of sustainable living can mean a few more extra years on a livable planet.

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