Investing in Moldavite, an Extremely Rare Stone of Cosmic Origin

Money isn’t a commodity to be hoarded. Keeping money in the bank and withdrawing it only when needed is almost no different from hiding cash under the mattress. If you’re keeping money locked up in a savings account, you’re losing buying power. You’re not giving your savings a better chance to grow.

Instead of storing money in a bank, invest in commodities such as precious metals—these have given investors huge payoffs over the years.

Investing in Commodities

Commodities are divided into two categories. Hard commodities require mining or drilling such as gold, copper, natural gas, and unleaded gasoline, while soft commodities are grown and ranched such as wheat, corn, and livestock.

Although some commodities have higher volatility than other asset types, others have more stability. Take gold for instance. As a reserve asset for central banks, it has a buffer against volatility. The value of gemstones like Moldavite is constantly on the rise, especially as Moldavite itself is getting extremely rare.

Not all jewelry enthusiasts will be able to see the true beauty of Moldavite, a rare gem with extraterrestrial origins. Currently, the green gemstone can only be legally mined in one Czech village. On top of that, its supply is quickly dwindling.

Invest in your own Moldavite Jewelry.

The Value of Moldavite

Moldavite is a very rare gem formed approximately 12 to 15 million years ago. It is classified as a Tektite, a unique family of gems formed from the debris of a meteor impact. Compared to other gems in its family, it is known for its breathtaking color and perfect clarity. Its hue ranges from light green to dark olive green with brown undertones. It is also the most colorful of all impactites, and there’s no other gem like it.

raw genuine czech moldavite ioola

Raw moldavite pendants and rings in sterling silver.

As Moldavite has nearly the same hardness as man-made glass, it’s often used in earrings, pins, and pendants. When used in rings, the gem usually comes with a metal bezel or other components to protect it from abrasion and impact.

If you want to invest in jewelry, Moldavite is a great investment option. With only a scarce supply left, its value is only set to increase in the years to come. While rough Moldavite is popular among meteorite and mineral collectors, this novelty gemstone also holds appeal to jewelry enthusiasts. You will have a safe haven for your money by investing in well-crafted Moldavite jewelry pieces.

In 10 years or so, when supply is extremely scarce or even depleted, its value will increase exponentially. If you want to own a piece from the cosmos, the best time to invest in it is today.

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