Business with Values

At ioola, we believe that ethical principles are fundamental elements of any successful business. As such, we uphold integrity and fairness in all our dealings with our customers, artisans, and the community.


silversmith ioola

              Silversmiths of ioola having fun at work. On picture: Spiral bangle

We build loyal relationships with our customers.

Just as we set high standards of quality for our jewelry, we also maintain high standards of service for all our customers. We balance profit with value, ensuring that we deliver more than just tangible products. We strive to build lasting relationships with those who wear ioola jewelry.

We value our artisans with traditional handcrafting techniques perfected over generations.

Using only traditional tools, our artisans put their hearts into every ioola jewelry they handcraft. We value their dedication by rewarding them generously with ample compensation that enables them to give their families a better life. We ensure healthy working conditions and safe workplaces. We give them the freedom to express their creativity and trust their 40 years of experience as craftsmen. Most importantly, we treasure our close personal relationships with them.

handmade sterling silver jewelry ioola

                  Handmade with love and traditional hand-crafting techniques. Silversmith handcrafting our classy Cuff bangle

We show concern for the community and the environment.

We recognize the impact of our business practices on the community and the environment. We contribute to economic growth by providing means of livelihood to local artisans. We ensure that our manufacturing process adheres to sound ecological principles. We also make sure that all of our materials are sustainably sourced.

Silversmith ioola

           Silversmith ioola polishing our Bow earrings

As a business with values, ioola continues to live by its mission of creating unique jewelry while conforming to its paramount ethical standards. We continue to promote initiatives that uphold our reputation and further the welfare of the community.


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