Virgo vol²

Color: gold

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The Perfect Gift for the Meticulous Virgo

Known for being perfectionists, Virgos have a keen eye for details. Their logical and systematic nature are drawn to patterns, sequences, and any form of order. With this in mind, our Balinese artisan designed Virgo necklace with elaborate details that would meet the high standards of any Virgo.

The Virgo coin pendant features the goddess of wheat and agriculture, a symbol of the Virgo’s deep connection to the earth. The sheaf of wheat illustrates their industrious and practical nature – one that remains committed to fulfilling the tasks at hand. The beautiful maiden is perfectly depicted with fine lines and precise curves creating shadows that further enhance the design.

With the skill and dexterity of the sculptor evident in every pendant cast, the detail-oriented Virgo would definitely love this sterling silver coin pendant.

  • Pendant Metal: Sterling silver/ 22k gold vermeil
  • Finishing: Anti-tarnish
  • Small Pendant Dimensions: 12mm diameter
  • Pendant hanger: 5mm or 9mm
  • Handmade in Bali - Made to Order pieces will be dispatched within 8-14 business days.

Perfect chain for Virgo pendant vol² in silver: here
Perfect chain for Virgo pendant vol² in gold: here

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