The Right Jewelry for the Modern Woman

Wearing jewelry is an art, and a jewelry connoisseur knows how a piece can complete, heighten, or ruin a look. While most women choose simple, standard pieces, there are those who confidently carry bold, unique pieces that can serve as the highlight of an ensemble. 

Why do women wear jewelry?

Jewelry can be subtle or stand out. It can complete or vastly change a look, add a degree of femininity or more.

Jewelry defines the woman.

Much can be derived from what a woman wears. Women of today are women of choice. Their choices are purposeful and a representation of their personality, which includes their choice of jewelry.

handmade unique sterling silver jewelry ioola

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Jewelry speaks out.

The modern woman is one of power and confidence, and nothing says power better than a rare gem sitting at the hollow of her collarbone.

Times are changing, and society is leaning further and further away from the image of the damsel in distress. The woman matters more than ever, and she speaks. Let your voice be heard with designer jewelry that is truly unique.

Jewelry paints a picture.

Emotions are not a sign of weakness—they are a woman’s strength. Emotions move people and govern connections, moulding minds and forging loyalties as quickly as a snap of the finger.

A red gem can speak of fiery passion, while a blue crystal can impart calm and tranquillity. Unique handmade jewelry can add a dimension to the woman, one that speaks of her deepest desires in a subtle way.

Moldavite: One of a kind

Ioola is a Czech jewelry designer. We are committed to sharing Czech moldavite, a gem derived from a meteorite that can only be found in our country, with the women of the world.

The gem is filled with personality and history. Raw moldavite, a dark green gemstone, is born from the impact from a meteorite that landed on Earth more than 15 million years ago. Wearing moldavite jewelry is akin to wearing a piece of the yet-to-be-known. 

The modern woman is strong, one-of-a-kind, and she deserves jewelry like no other. Ioola’s unique handmade jewelry is created by Balinese artists with more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Nature serves as their inspiration for the pieces—classy and timeless.

handmade unique sterling silver jewelry ioola with raw moldavite

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Collections fit for every style and occasion

For the simple yet sophisticated, Ioola’s pieces express self-confidence with class. With the highest quality in bright sterling silver and 22k gold-plated sterling silver, we celebrate the shape and curves of the female body.


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Why fit in when you were born to stand out.

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