The Many Facets of Czech Jewelry

Czech may be most famous for its beer, but there’s certainly more to this country than its Pilsner.

Majestic castles. Cultural sites. Picturesque views. All these make Czech a great destination for a memorable vacation.

Not only that, it’s also the perfect place to get jewelry—whether it’s fine jewelry, vintage Czech, Bohemian jewels, or costume jewelry. Czech is known for its:

Rich History. Jewelry making has been a long-standing tradition in the Czech Republic. As early as the 9th century, Czechs have been crafting the finest gold jewelry mounted with valuable precious stones. Until today, the country boasts of excellent craftsmanship in its jewelry production.

bohemian crown of Charles IV.The Crown of Saint Wenceslas, 1347. The Crown contains a total of 19 sapphires, 44 spinels, 1 ruby, 30 emeralds and 20 pearls.

Exquisite Gems. Nature has blessed Czech with exquisite gems shaped amidst its majestic mountains. It’s a rich wellspring for gems like rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and Bohemian garnet. It’s also well-known for being the lone source of moldavite, a dark green gemstone born from a meteorite millions of years ago.

Genuine czech moldaviteCzech moldavite.

Fineness Hallmarks. Hallmarking indicates the purity of precious metals and guarantees their credibility. Czech has stringent hallmarking controls to ascertain and verify the fineness of precious metals. Each piece is hallmarked only after x-raying and assaying. These inspections are carried out only by the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Assay Office. At Ioola, we adhere to this regulation so you’re assured of the quality of our creations.

czech jewelry hallmarksCzech hallmarks. The head of a chamois with the number 2 represents sterling silver 925/1000, standard of ioola.

Proficient Artisans. All Czech companies involved in the jewelry business are required to hire employees who are highly qualified in their respective fields. You’re certain to get only the best pieces from them.

With such rich history and resources, you’ll surely find both vintage and avant-garde jewelry in Czech. However, make sure to buy only from reputable shops and dealers. Keep in mind that legitimate jewelers will always issue a certificate of authenticity.

For handcrafted jewelry with unique gems from Czech, Ioola is the perfect place to get them. Our sterling silver contains only 4% alloy so it’s shiny, bright, and won’t tarnish that easily. With materials such as 22k gold, sterling silver, and premium gemstones, each design is finely crafted to complement the personality of those who wear the jewelry. Ioola carries a luxurious collection that empowers modern clientele and helps them exude elegance and sophistication.

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