Gemini vol²

Color: silver

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The Duality of the Quick-Witted Gemini

Geminis are naturally inquisitive, creative, and playful. But they can also be serious and lost in deep thought at times. However, one thing is constant in them – their zeal for communication. They love expressing their own thoughts and listening to other people’s ideas. This Gemini coin pendant ignites that passion.

The intricate details of the sculpted design depict the dual-natured personality of the Gemini. It reflects how their contradictory traits enable them to view life from different perspectives. The mystifying images of twins Castor and Pollux will spark conversations with whoever sees this coin pendant. And that’s what makes it perfect for the sociable Gemini who loves casual chats, deep dialogues, and everything in between.

  • Pendant Metal: Sterling silver/ 22k gold vermeil
  • Finishing: Anti-tarnish
  • Small Pendant Dimensions: 12mm diameter
  • Pendant hanger: 5mm
  • Handmade in Bali - Made to Order pieces will be dispatched within 8-14 business days.

Perfect chain for Gemini pendant in silver: here
Perfect chain for Gemini pendant in gold: here

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