Ioola represents and empowers a self-confident woman with unique style, who maintains her life and keeps things exciting.
A woman interested in self-improvement, growth, healthy mind and her style unfolds from it. She likes exclusivity, sophisticated simplicity and the finest natural materials. Every piece that surrounds her is chosen with great care, because it represents her personality. It must stir up the right emotions in herself and give the right signals to others. People want to earn a place in her life. Ioola style reflects the personality of the right wearer.



Unique handcrafted jewelry from a tropical island Bali known as the home of the world’s best gold and silversmiths. Inspired by the ocean, black sand beaches, cliffs with silver-gold reflections and tropical jungles in combination with the history of central Europe, our origin, and where a dark green gemstone named moldavite was born from the meteorite impact 15 million years ago.

We are proud to show the world what can be found only in the Czech Republic, our home country. Making jewelry with an uncompromising highest quality using moldavite, moonstones and now also various silver spirals copying the body. We are influenced by the style of Paris and Italy and we follow the right natural stones to go to Český Krumlov, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Our Balinese artisans with over 40 years of experience are handcrafting jewelry with techniques perfected over generations using vetted suppliers to ensure gemstones and reclaimed silver conform to our highest standards.



Each piece is handmade and is therefore one of a kind.
Each ring of the chain and every part of any piece of our jewelry is hand-shaped and laboriously carved.

Production begins with melting and casting of Italian silver, rolling of silver bars and threads to the desired thickness, from which the desired semi-finished product is shaped and cut. We have 100% control from the very beginning of purity and the highest quality of the precious metals.

We buy and select Moldavite manually from a verified and reliable supplier from Český Krumlov in Czech Republic.



To be a branded designer delivering jewelry experiences that push the boundaries of the newest trends and at the same time fitting the character of the wearer.

To empower the wearer to express and reflect their style. Giving them inspiration to feel complete, powerful and special – just as they already are.